About Team Parks


Team Parks, Inc. was originally established in 1977. Its principal and founder Ralph H. Parks, initially concentrated on small commercial and residential construction. Increasingly, his clients sought his expertise in more complex and larger commercial projects. The last decade has seen a major shift in the direction of the company, with greater emphasis on commercial development and construction. The company remains committed to state of the art construction methods, energy efficient structures, and hurricane resistant buildings.

The Vision of the Team Parks is to consistently deliver exceptional quality in our development and construction practices for our clients, in order to build and maintain life-long relationships.

Our Mission is to provide superior local market knowledge and expertise in planning, developing, and building projects for our clients. We plan on being an innovator in the delivery of high quality commercial & residential development and construction projects.

Our core values – dedication, integrity, expertise, and innovation guide each employee to achieve optimal results for our clients. By integrating these values into the daily work environment, Team Parks employees strive to make the company vision a reality.